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Creating more secure and productive industrial environments

Industrial cybersecurity

Implementing essential security measures for risk detection and reduction.


Improving the resilience of automated environments through advanced technology and solutions.

Managed services

Seamless integration and continuous monitoring to elevate your incident response.

Decoding the distinction between OT and IT

IT and OT serve distinct purposes, emphasizing different priorities and safeguards.

The measures employed by IT security protect information systems and address threats to data, reputation, and financial losses.

In contrast, OT security ensures the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure, physical devices, and production processes.

Securing operational technology requires specialized expertise beyond traditional IT to accurately diagnose risk and employ the right capabilities to protect industrial environments.

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Securing industrial environments is the strategic pillar of otpoint.

At otpoint, we prioritize industrial environments and apply the right cybersecurity solutions for your industry and your factory's specific needs.

We seamlessly integrate our security measures into your existing architecture to enhance protection without adding complexity to your management processes.

our approach

As threats to industrial environments rapidly increase, industrial engineers must proactively protect their systems and consider deploying a comprehensive security strategy.

Our solutions are adapted to the requirements of your environment, effectively protecting your systems from threats and containing any attacks on process control and automated industrial environments.

Our circular phased approach allows us to continuously monitor, assess, and mitigate any vulnerability or risk to your systems.

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Our solutions are adapted to the specific needs of your industry