The pharmaceutical industry not only contributes to the health and well-being of the world’s citizens but it is one of the most important sectors in terms of production needs, market size, and investment in R+D.

We work with you to secure every step of your manufacturing processes and intellectual property to ensure the security of the systems that deliver life-changing products to the people who need them.


Water is our planet’s most valuable resource, and helping you provide safe drinking water is our priority.

Otpoint will work with you to identify and mitigate risks and address the security of your management systems so that your water supply stays secure, safe, and available for communities.

Oil and gas

Challenging market demands and the rising focus on sustainability are pushing the oil and gas industry to digitalize their processes to reduce costs, produce alternative energy offerings, and improve customer satisfaction.

Highly reliant on technology, the oil and gas industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks that target these critical systems, jeopardizing the availability, integrity, and safety of oil and gas operations. Our team will help assess any weaknesses, mitigate risks, and continuously monitor your operations.


The manufacturing sector extends across nearly every industry, and potential cyber attacks could have a wide impact.

With the shift to digital processes, factories are becoming more innovative and efficient, creating new possibilities through automation from production to end-user consumption.

Our experience in industrial cybersecurity and automation enables us to handle the digital risks that come with increasingly interconnected factories.


Producing and distributing unstable and often hazardous materials, the chemical industry has been identified as one of the most sensitive in terms of cybersecurity.

Chemical plants must comply with strict cybersecurity requirements for their process control systems to guarantee the availability and integrity of their productive processes.

Our tailored solutions help monitor and mitigate risks to ensure the safe production of these materials.

Food and Beverage

To more efficiently supply and deliver their products, the food and beverage industry is increasingly adopting technologies and digital solutions that make them more susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Breaches of these systems could disrupt our world’s critical food supply chain. Our experts will help secure your data and production processes and make sure you stay protected from any unintended changes or interruptions.


One of the most automated sectors, the automotive industry is seeing technological advancements that are transforming vehicles into centers of information exchange.

This process of innovation, made possible by the digitalization of systems, has led to new ways of working throughout the development cycle. To guarantee process reliability and secure product design, our solutions help ensure the availability of your operations while helping protect the privacy and safety of your passengers.


Integral to a functioning society, the energy industry is one of the most highly affected industries by security incidents.

Digitalization is key in automating and optimizing industry processes, but in order to ensure safe and secure operations, these processes must comply with best practices and industry-specific security regulations.

We help implement strong security solutions while ensuring adherence to the industry’s strict standards and regulations.

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