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Cybersecurity Event: Managing Risk in Industrial Environments

November 25, 2021

Whenever we have the opportunity to organize an event on cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, we jump at the opportunity, because we are passionate about our mission. For this reason, it was a pleasure to share last Thursday with our clients and our partner Fortinet, in an incomparable environment such as the Soho House in Barcelona.

otpoint fortinet event

Manuel Florencio then dissected the anatomy of an attack in an industrial environment. The different stages that can be found in an attack directed at an OT environment were described, from the initial discovery and access phase to the phase affecting production. On a practical level, a demo of hijacking and manipulation of traffic between a SCADA and a PLC was carried out.

Diego Martín then explained how industrial environments should be protected. For that purpose, he showed the industrial cybersecurity standard applied by OTPOINT, its main advantages and how to apply the different cybersecurity policies.

Finally, Antonio Navarrete explained how to protect the remote access to industrial environments works. After the description of the tool, a demo of how to perform a secure remote access to an OT network with Fortinet technology was shown.

otpoint evento fortinet

The day was a success in terms of attendance, but especially in terms of participation. The different presentations had a practical approach that encouraged attendees to raise their comments and doubts, which favoured a very enriching exchange of knowledge.