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otpoint contributes to the design of bonÀrea's industrial cybersecurity and connectivity standard

November 6, 2021

The partnership between OTPOINT and SIEMENS delivers the first full industrial cyber security and digital connectivity standard

The partnership between the two companies has enabled the design of a network architecture that will be used as the core for all Siemens digitalization projects. OTPOINT, as a Siemens Solution Partner, was the company selected to design the cybersecurity system for this project.

This first solution has been implemented in bonÀrea, which now has fully digitalized and network-integrated facilities.

The implementation of this new communications infrastructure has brought multiple benefits, including a reduction in response times, as modifications can be made immediately and from any point, inside or outside the network, reducing the likelihood of a production process stoppage. In addition, the efficiency of the factory has been improved by more than 10%.

Benefits of the solution implemented in bonÀrea

  • The system implemented is fully scalable and complies with the most demanding industrial cybersecurity standards.
  • It enables complete remote connectivity, guaranteeing a rapid response and total control of its different work centres.
  • It provides IT/OT connectivity to respond to the critical point in the end-to-end value chain, based on orders placed directly from the shops via the E-Commerce server.

otpoint colabora en el diseño del estándar de ciberseguridad industrial de bonÀrea

These achievements consolidate the advance of digitization towards Industry 5.0, which will allow the incorporation of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing or the Digital Twin.

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