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OTINDUSTRY: Meeting on industrial cybersecurity

May 18, 2019

On 9 May we held the OTIndustry meeting on industrial cybersecurity. The event, organised by otpoint, was sponsored by Siemens Digital Industry and with the collaboration of Sistel Control and Nozomi Networks.

The event was dynamic and very interesting. It began with the intervention of Ignacio Álvarez, from Siemens Digital Industry, with a presentation focused on the State of the Art of cybersecurity, where he placed special emphasis on the need for companies to be aware of the threat posed by the increasingly frequent attacks on industrial infrastructures.
\ Afterwards, Fernando Pérez, from Siemens, focused his speech on the importance of adapting OT infrastructures to the demands derived from greater digitalisation, which means that any object (PLC, HMI's, etc.) is connected to a network that is becoming more and more crowded.
\ Before the Coffee Break, with the participation of Diego Martín, from otpoint, the main differences between IT and OT environments were highlighted, to then focus on the aspects to be taken into account when designing a secure OT environment.

After the networking break, Juan Carlos Pozas and Eugenio Moreno, from Siemens Digital Industry, presented a practical demonstration of different systems that make it possible to improve security between devices in the same environment without losing overall visibility of our infrastructure.** **Then, Nozomi Networks and otpoint explained the advantages of the SCADAGuardian tool by generating an inventory of all devices connected to the industrial network, existing connections, vulnerabilities, protocols and topologies, allowing the monitoring of network changes and behavioural analysis in order to quickly identify risks and respond immediately to a possible incident.
\ The meeting ended with a round table discussion, which answered questions related to network architecture in the context of dealing with cybersecurity attacks and to resolve any doubts that organisations may have when setting up a security plan in OT.
\ The event was a success and very productive for everyone. We would like to thank all the attendees, participants, sponsors, collaborators and suppliers for making it possible.