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otpoint organized an event in Madrid to discuss cybersecurity strategies and solutions for the industrial sector

June 17, 2024

Today in Madrid, we shared a day with clients and leading companies from the industrial sector, focusing on risk mitigation and cybersecurity in OT environments.

Eugenio Moreno from otpoint presented key strategies for companies that are beginning their journey in OT cybersecurity. Following this, Diego Martín from otpoint delved into the integration of IT/OT security, highlighting the benefits of close collaboration between both environments. Finally, Antonio Navarrete from highlighted specific solutions for industrial environments, emphasizing the added value of Fortinet technology.

The day culminated with a roundtable discussion featuring Alejandro Cuesta (Senior OT Cybersecurity Engineer at Bayer), Javier García (Global CISO at Insud Pharma), and Jose M. Martinez (CISO at Ferrovial), who shared experiences and lessons learned. It was a pleasure to have you with us and to learn from your valuable contributions.